Recreation Committee  (Chair) Sue Vester  Email:

The Recreational Properties Committee shall be responsible for the maintenance of all the recreational properties in Hidden Lake, including the enforcement of rules and regulations regarding the use of such recreational properties.

These properties include:      

(1) Swimming pool and adjacent structures: bathhouses, picnic shelter, filter facility and all furnishings for poolside use.

(2) Tennis courts: night lights, nets, and fencing.

(3) Marina: docking, hardware, electrical outlets, etc.

(4) Fishing pond: fishing pier, shoreline, fish, water control

 In addition to the routine operation and maintenance of each facility there is the matter of monitoring and controlling the activities and behavioral conduct of property owners and/or guests while using these facilities. Since unauthorized use of our pool, tennis courts, marina and fishing pond has occurred in the past and may increase as total Carolina Trace population increases, the Chairman of the Recreational Properties Committee and the Chairman of the Security Committee shall work closely to control these occurrences.

A lack of control or enforcement of the rules of use will lead to deterioration and loss of attractiveness of these recreational facilities.


For Everyone who likes to Fish Here is a link to A Carolina Trace Community Group That promotes fishing